Company profile

The Kilter was developed following many requests for a quality kilt outfit piece of luggage. This was back in 1997 and due to its success the Kilter Company Ltd was launched. 


In 2008 The Kilter Company business was purchased by Clan Scotland Ltd giving us access to a whole new range of products.

Since 2008 we have developed and refined our products to provide, we feel, one of the best product ranges on the market. Whether you are looking to store or transport your kilt outfit, or keep your bagpipes safe and secure, we have a product to meet your needs.

You looking for something ‘highlandy’ and you cant find it ? Ask us. If we don’t know, then we can always point you to someone who does.

We also take your data security extremely seriously, we dont pass any data onto anyone else for any reason. So you can contact us with complete peace of mind that you wont be harrassed by countless emails and calls.

Don’t know your closest stockist, or where you can buy from an online stockist? drop me a line and we’ll point you in the right direction.